Advancing Intensive Care Medicine with Artificial Intelligence

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Why Artificial Intellingence and Intensive Care Medicine?

The diffusion of electronic health records and advancement of monitoring devices has made possible the collection of always increasing amounts of patients’ data, especially in critical care. The opportunities arising from this form of Big Data are numerous and diverse, and are promoting a surge in research fundings and industry interests. Indeed, their analysis with machine learning and predictive modelling could provide new insights and improve patient care.

What is a Critical Care Datathon?

A Critical Care Datathon is a 24-hour challenge where clinicians, data scientists and statisticians work in teams with the goal of finding new ways to answer actual clinical questions using large datasets of electronic health records. It is a full-immersion experience where resourceful professionals put themselves to the test and cooperate with specialists of different fields, learn more about the potential of medical data and maybe make a breakthrough in critical care research!

What is ESICM's Big Datatalk?

The Big Datatalk consists in a series of traditional conference talks mixed with interactive sessions in which the audience will be guided through real-time simulations of patient database queries and development of predictive models. Acclaimed researchers will explain the potential of Machine Learning for Intensive Care Medicine, present the results obtained so far with this type of research and discuss issues of sensible data security, privacy, and quality.

Why a second edition?

Last year’s event commenced on the backburner but quickly sold out. The interest in the field is considerable, and it is growing by the day! The topics to be discussed are innumerous: last year we were only able to cover some and we promised ourselves that we would be following up with another edition to do more. Indeed, there are many passionate researchers investing their time applying AI to Intensive Care Medicine and developing new prediction models, we want to hear them out!

Don't miss out on the second edition of this exciting event!

Get answers!

Do you want to know more about healthcare data? Do you feel like exploring data to answer a clinical question?
Are you interested in getting to know and learn from international experts in clinical research and data science?
Do you need a project to complete your ICU Fellowship? Do you just want to have fun and get the Datathon buzz?

How can I participate?

You  have to register through the link in the dedicated page.
Don’t miss your chance!! Tickets for the Datathon are sold out but you can still sign up for the Big Datatalk!


January 31st – February 2nd, 2020

The event will take place during a weekend to facilitate the attendance of everyone who wants to participate.
It will begin with an opening ceremony on Friday afternoon and then continue with the the two events (Critical Care Datathon and ESICM’s Big Datatalk) running in parallel over both Saturday and Sunday.


Humanitas Research Hospital in Rozzano (Milan)

Who are we?


Maurizio Cecconi

Professor of Anesthesia & Intensive Care at Humanitas University, Milan
Head of Department of Anesthesia
& ICU at Humanitas Res. Center
President-elect of European Society
of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM)

Riccardo Barbieri

di Milano
Associate Professor of Biomedical
Engineering at Politecnico di Milano
Research Associate in Anesthesia
at Massachusetts General Hospital
Research Affiliate at Department of
Brain and Cognitive Sciences (MIT)

Leo Anthony Celi

Principal Research Scientist at Lab
for Computational Physiology (MIT)
Associate Professor of Medicine at
Harvard Medical School (Boston)
Attending Physician at Beth Israeli
Deaconess Center in Boston
VUmc portretten Intensive Care 2016

Armand Girbes

Vrije Universiteit
Clinical Pharmacologist
Professor and Head of Department
of Intensive Care at VU Amsterdam
Chair Division of Scientific Affairs
of European Society of Intensive
Care Medicine (ESICM)

Ari Ercole

Consultant in Neurointensive Care
at Cambridge University Hospitals
Founding fellow of the faculty
of Clinical Informatics in the UK
Chair of the newly founded
Data Science section of ESICM

Paul Elbers

Intensivist at VU Amsterdam
Deputy Chair of the newly founded
Data Science section and Technology
Assessment and Health Informatics
(TAHI) Working Group of ESICM
Editor at

Giovanni Angelotti

Research Hospital
Data Scientist / Engineer

Stefano Falini

Research Hospital
Anesthesiologist / Intensivist

Pierandrea Morandini

Research Hospital
Data Scientist / Engineer

Event Dates
January 31 – February 2, 2020
(Friday to Sunday)

Humanitas Research Hospital
Via Manzoni 56, Rozzano (Milan) – Italy